Ad-less YouTube Downloader

limitations of the downloader

we use an undocumented youtube api that is "hidden"
but used by the video player to get video info
to get all the information about a video and give it to you

this means that we have the same view as a signed-out user

we can't download age restricted videos for this reason

why are there so little video options?

the way youtube scales videos down is by separating the audio
and video track so it's a audio WEBM and a video MP4 file played at
the exact same time. if we wanted to use these, we'd have to use ffmpeg
and host these videos by separate, which would be a pain to do.
an advantage of this is that we can give you the audio tracks without having
to do all the work ourselves.


is this open source

nice try richard stallman
it's not open source

oh my god how dare you use google analytics??? don't you know that google violates your p

why wont you just SHUT THE FUCK UP FOR A SECOND

made with PHP, not LÖVE
CYIO 12/25/2021
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